Why Choose Veterinary Behaviour Help

Many owners may feel guilt for behaviour problems in their pets, thinking they have caused the problem in some way. Society can indeed exacerbate this. It is important that these owners learn that, in many circumstances, they are not at fault at all. These animals may have an inbuilt problem from birth or early development. But many behaviour problems can be helped and an owner can have the important role of helping their pet with these issues and thus enabling the pet to live a happy life and enjoy a great relationship with their owner.

IMG_1539People who seek help for behaviour problems in their pets are making sure their pet has been lucky to find a home where it can receive appropriate therapy for the problem.

Behaviour problems can be frustrating to a pet owner and sometimes to their neighbours. Owners of aggressive animals may become anxious due to risks posed by their animal. Some people feel judged or ostracised because they have a pet that may be considered dangerous and nobody believes that he/she is a loving and adorable pet at home or in other situations.

Animals that vocalise excessively may affect relations with neighbours and owners may worry that they will be forced to rehome or euthanase their beloved pet. Owners of destructive animals or animals that use the house as a toilet may grow increasingly frustrated and annoyed with their pet. Such problems can lead to a breakdown of the bond between the pet and owner.

Early intervention with appropriate non-invasive therapy is strongly recommended to aid treatment outcome. An appropriate treatment plan formulated with Animal Progress is based upon an understanding of the neurochemical pathways of emotional and behavioural responses as well as an empathetic view of how the pet perceives their environment with knowledge of species-specific requirements.