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Basic learning principles

Another interesting article after scientific research: http://phys.org/news/2012-07-urge-rethink-monty-roberts-horse.html#jCp Operant conditioning is what we use when we train an animal. It is also how children learn their behaviours. It is how every individual of every animal species learns to live in a way

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Puppy classes vs puppy preschool

Not all puppy classes are puppy preschool. Puppy preschool® is a specially designed programme that has been shown to increase a puppy’s social skills and confidence in their environment. The class size should be small and the instructor/s should be

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Great article on science and training…

Often I get sent links to some good articles from my behaviourist colleagues and this link to an article that summarises important points from the recent SPARCS conference, is a really good and concise read… http://blog.smartanimaltraining.com/2014/06/24/when-science-and-dog-training-come-together-sparcs-2014/ SPARCS stands for the Society

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Dog Training

A lot of behaviour problems benefit from correct training techniques. But this is not to say that all behaviour issues “just require better training”. Training you dog with correct positive reinforcement techniques will help your dog to learn quickly and

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The dominance myth

Dominance theory is a phrase that is still used frequently with relation to domestic dogs despite a vast level of scientific research disproving the notion. Although there are plenty of myths about how to train dogs using dominance, scientific studies

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