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10 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Alice says:

    It was great to have a follow-up visit and to gain an insight from you on how Hodgy’s behavior is progressing and how we can continue to help him. Your knowledge and advice is excellent!

  2. Cheryl says:

    With our dog having behavioural problems which were causing further health problems for her, we turned to Sally on the advice of our family vet, who could not find any physical reason for her behaviour. Sally proved to be a very pleasant, knowledgeable veterinarian. The consultation and ongoing advice Sally provided has proved to be very beneficial and we have a much more relaxed dog whose behavioural problems have improved greatly, making our lives and her life much better. It is so nice to have Sally at the end of a phone if problems arise.

  3. Wiggy says:

    Sally helped to debunk alot of myths regarding pet behaviour and made me realise how much we impose human responses on our pets. She has helped me enormously in understanding, and therefore supporting my dog to behave more appropriately and to feel safer in his world. Its a long road for both of us but at least I know what to do now. Sallys handouts and report were thorough and informative and the followup consults were inciteful and personal.
    I’m a happier dog owner and George is a happier dog.

  4. Chanelle says:

    We called Sally to help our Dog Baxter with his behavioral issues. We learnt lots about how to read Baxter’s behavior and how to retrain his behavior. Baxter is a much happier dog and continues to show improvement. Sally has been very supportive and able to assist by phone or email with any issues along the way.

  5. Jessica says:

    Tahoe couldn’t be happier. Tahoe is a Rhodesian cross English pointer whom we adopted from RSPCA at approximately 8 mths old who was said to be diagnosed separation anxiety and had been mistreated. We persisted with Tahoe with the help of our local dog obedience school and saw progress, however at around 2 years of age we appeared to reach a ‘brick wall’ with her. This lead us to seeking advice from our vet. We were referred to Dr Sally Nixon and with her patience and wealth of knowledge we have come to understand Tahoe’s behavioural quirks and take a big leap in the right direction to making her a relaxed and happy part of our family. With Sally’s help we have removed the diagnosis of separation anxiety, and have come to see she has generalised anxiety with the main stimulus being unpredictable situations, such as an off lead dog racing in our direction when out walking, or changes in her normal routine such as missing her usual walk, or introducing her to unfamiliar places. With the help of behavioural medication and a greater understanding of how we can train and teach Tahoe, we have a very happy and relaxed dog that is a precious part of our family. Thank you again Dr Sally Nixon.

  6. Aimee says:

    I had Sally come and asses my new rescue dog Indie (who is a 1.6yr old border collie) Indie has a few issues, she is very dependent on my other border collie and constantly harassing her, she was destructive, was bed/kennel protective, fearful of strangers and high levels of anxiety. When Sally came to asses her she also noticed that my other dog was having anxiety problems and treated her as well. I was very grateful for this as i was unaware that my other dog needed help also. Both my girls are on medication and adaptil collars and I’m noticing a huge improvement already. I work as a vet nurse and see behaviour issues all the time but they can so easily be missed or thought to be other problems. Sally works wonders!!!!

  7. Wendy says:

    Thank you so much Sally for giving me back my lovely Bailey. He is now a very contented well behaved cat. Your advice is clear and easy to follow, the reports are excellent and a great resource to refer to. I am noticing all the things you pointed out like his whiskers and the subtle bullying by Chester. Life in the crazy cat house is now as normal as it can be and most importantly he isn’t spraying anywhere. I will keep you updated on his progress. You have special powers with animals as I have never seen Aimee’s cat, Lola, come out to visit anyone ever. You are amazing.

  8. Emma says:

    We had been having significant behavioral issues with one of our dogs and had concerns that this was effecting his health and long term well being. Sally spent the morning at our house completing an assessment of Leo in his own environment, which was fantastic as we had discussed these concerns with our vet, and they had provided some suggestions, but they were not able to view the pacing and anxious behavior, nor are they trained in this area specifically.

    Sally helped to educate us, as well as provide some tools and medications to assist Leo in being happier and more contented within himself. Whilst he still has some ongoing anxiety issues (due to the severity of his condition) he is greatly improved and has been able to maintain a more normal weight even through these cold Winter months.

    Sally has continued to provide ongoing assistance and is more than happy to discuss any of our concerns. We are grateful that she has been able to help Leo feel more like a normal dog and would highly recommend her services!

  9. Anne says:

    We sought out Sally for help for what we thought was our naughty boy dog ‘Barry’. Barry was a delightful boy, who was eager to please, loyal and loving. Sadly when we left the house, Barry was steadily destroying our home, garden and belongings while we were out.
    Sally helped us understand that Barry’s behavior was not the action of a ‘naughty boy’, but was rather the signs of a very distressed dog.
    After the initial consultation at our home (so convenient) Sally continued to offer sage advise, counselling, prescribed medications and patiently answered all of our questions with patience, honesty and kindness.
    I can confidently say that Sally’s service helped improve the quality of Barry’s life and our enjoyment of him. It was absoultely money well spent.

  10. Alexandra Olive says:

    Dr Sally Nixon is phenomenal at what she does. My husband and I came to her with two very needy, anxious dogs – one of which was incredibly destructive when left alone, while the other was highly strung and fearful, and could never truly settle down.

    After meeting with Sally, she recommended some exercises for us to try with the dogs, as well as medication to help with their severe anxiety. Although we are only a few weeks into the process and the medication, I have seen a monumental change in the dogs. The formerly destructive dog has not touched a single item in the house in the last few weeks and is remarkably relaxed and independent, and the highly strung and fearful one is finally calming down and genuinely relaxing and sleeping, instead of always being ‘on guard’.

    I took a video of the dogs home alone the other day to compare to the video I captured before we met with Sally, and I was gobsmacked to come home to a very boring 3 hour video of the dogs sleeping. No destruction, no pacing, no barking or crying – just sleeping for 3 hours! This would never have happened without Sally’s expert help and advice.

    Finally, I also greatly appreciate that Sally is in frequent contact with us and is always happy to respond to any questions or concerns I have. I highly recommend Sally to anyone in need of a behaviouralist – and even if you think you don’t need one, you probably do!

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