Behaviour modification for veterinary treatments

This behaviour modification service targets treatment of specific fears that inhibit good health care for your pet.

The modification of behaviour problems that occur when a pet needs a veterinary treatment can be vital for an animal to receive adequate health care. These animals may not have a mental health problem outside the veterinary clinic but have a high level of fear when presenting for veterinary examination or when owners try to medicate at home.

Unless well managed, fear can get worse with each experience and can result in aggression towards owners or veterinary staff. A high level of fear also reduces healing and recovery of animals convalescing in hospital.

Each session is one hour and costs $100. The amount of sessions required to modify behaviour is dependent on the patient and their problem.

There is never a quick fix when trying to teach an animal not to fear and it is recommended that there is a session very 1-2 weeks until an owner can to continue the modification without guidance. Homework will be required of the owner between sessions to gain the most benefit and the fastest result.

Some examples of problems that may benefit from this service

  1. In home preventative dental care with teeth cleaning
  2. Applying ear medications in home
  3. Teaching an animal to tolerate handling for examinations
  4. Teaching an animal to allow nail trims
  5. Desensitisation and counter-conditioning of animals that are fearful of the veterinary clinic
  6. Teaching an animal who is aggressive in the veterinary clinic to wear a muzzle
  7. Teaching an animal who is aggressive in the clinic to allow intramuscular injection of a small volume for sedation.

In some cases where a generalised mental health disorder is evident, clients will be advised that full behaviour consultation may be required before further intervention can be successful, but there will still be a full charge for the session.

To book a behaviour modification consultation, follow the link and you will be contacted for the appointment to be scheduled.

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