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Environmental Enrichment of cats part 3: The multi-cat household

It is a myth that cats are not social animals. They can be very social. But, there is a BUT! Cats, just like any individual, like to be able to gain personal space and gain some occasional alone time. Don’t

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Sally talks on the ABC

At 9:40 this morning Sally will be talking with Joseph Thomsen on ABC Goulburn-Murray. The discussion will be on the topic of children and pets.

Pets and infants

Many have heard the horrific news a few days ago about a baby being attacked in the face by the family dog: A usually placid dog, it came as a shock to the parents of the child. They love their dog

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Judging the prestigious award for the Association for Pet Dog Trainers

What an honour it was to be asked to co-judge the Susan Wilkins Achievement Award for APDT along with one other behaviour veterinarian. The award aims to acknowledge APDT members making significant contribution to pet dog welfare and the betterment of

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Environmental Enrichment: The Needs of our Animals

What do our animals need? Every good pet owner wants to provide a home where their pet is happy, but every individual pet is different and various species benefit from different environmental considerations. When we talk about the “needs” of

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Link to a fun video about dog behaviours

I really like this video. Body language in dogs (helpful also for children) It was shared to me over a year ago by a friend and behaviour colleague. I find it helpful because parents and children can all benefit from

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A great loss: Dr Sophia Yin will be missed

The veterinary community and many pet owners around the world have benefitted greatly from the advice and education offered by Dr Sophia Yin. She has helped the world recognise the importance of behaviour medicine and has used media to show

OCD and other mental illness in pets: A TED talk.

This TED talk by Dr Laurel Braitman s fabulous. It really makes clear to people that some pets have issues and just need help. Owners with troubled pets would find a connection with this and might feel less alone with

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Separation Anxiety Study

Over this past year, several universities have collaborated to perform a more in depth study into one of the most common and yet under-treated mental health diseases of pets. “Separation anxiety”  or “separation related distress” along with many other  names

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Sally to talk on the ABC

At 9:30am on Tuesday 24th June, listeners tuning in to ABC Goulburn Murray will hear Sally from Animal Progress answer questions regarding behaviour problems in pets and why behaviour medicine is important. Although behaviour medicine has been a growing field

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