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Cat’s behavioural needs – Study shows more education is needed

Comparison of interpretation of cat’s behavioral needs between veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and cat owners Since environmental factors can play a large role in anxiety in cats, this is a very relevant study. Anxiety negatively affects health and welfare. The five

Studies show that positive reinforcement should be used to train dogs

A review on previous studies shows the harmful effects of punishment and negative reinforcement when training dogs: The effects of using aversive training methods in dogs—A review

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The puppy farm effect…

The full text of this article goes into the scientific detail behind the high risk of behavioural problems that develop in dogs coming from puppy farming situations. The Victorian government instituted laws in 2015-2016 that greatly improve dog welfare by

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Postoperative pain in dogs undergoing hemilaminectomy: Comparison of the analgesic activity of buprenorphine and tramadol

Using behavioural signs is the best way to measure acute pain. This recent study comparing the analgesic properties of buprenorphine and tramadol utilises the short form of the Glasgow Composite Measure Pain Scale. Postoperative pain in dogs undergoing hemilaminectomy: Comparison

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Reducing fear responses in cattle shows evidence for improved health

It is great to see that there is becoming more recognition of the role of anxiety and fear in the health of our farmed animals. This is a good article showing the importance of reducing fear in future situations by

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Sally is now a VIN consultant

In the veterinary world, we are lucky to have Veterinary Information Network (VIN), an internet resource developed in the United States where, among other things, any member veterinarians can seek advice for difficult cases from those who have done postgraduate

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Gentle handling and patience are virtues that help work with animals

When working with prey species, such as occurs with most farming practises, it is very important to recognise that those species have an evolutionary need to protect themselves from potential predators. If handled gently and patiently, domesticated prey species such

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How treating a behaviour problem saved one dog’s life…

I’d like to share a story about a Jack Russell terrier with a behaviour problem. Izzy has a problem with reactivity to other animals. She is highly reactive towards other dogs and shows anxious behaviours if she knows that there

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My slower than usual responses

Clients may have noticed that my responses to emails or my usual follow-ups have been a little slower than they were. Many of my existing clients are aware that I was due to have a baby. He arrived 11 days

Desexing as a treatment for aggression

When working in India with street dogs, dog fights between entire dogs were common and desexing was beneficial at reducing the incidence of aggression in dogs and dog fighting. In that environment, desexing certainly helped because there was regular competition

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