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Contexts and consequences of dog bite incidences

This article discusses the contexts and consequences of dog bites to people who responded to an online survey It highlights the importance of education in bite prevention. With the steps taken in response to the dogs bites in this article,

Phantom complex in dogs

This is a great study highlighting the importance of pre- and post-operative pain control, reduced stress in the post-operative period as well as possibly not delaying amputation if that is the necessary course of action. Because our patients are non-verbal,

Why does my dog love me?

While driving along listening to the BBC world service, I chanced upon this 27 minute podcast that very easily discusses the evolution of dogs with people and some of the science that is known. It is put very easily for

Analgesia for calves and lambs

Cattle producers in Australia need to have a permanent radio-frequency identification (RFID) attached to each of their animals and many also attach another easy-to-read identification. This is achieved by placing an ear tag in each ear. One ear is tagged

Electronic collar use in our region

On several occasions, I have been informed of retailers selling electronic collars. I have also been told by one owner that they were approached by a shire ranger who gave them an electronic collar to try. Numerous reports have come

Thunderstorm and fireworks fears

It has been a beautiful spring and we are heading towards summer. For many, this time of year can be hard due to the thunderstorms that we experience in this region. For anyone who has a pet with a fear

World Animal Day 2017

So today, 4th October 2017 is World Animal Day. Perhaps it is a good day to consider the animals in our care, those that we directly care for, as well as those around us upon whom we impact with our

Pebbles in a can???!!!

So yet again, I have seen a dog with a clinical mental health disorder who has been subjected to this bizarre training technique. Many people assume that a dog that is not behaving in a way the client wishes simply

Licking behaviour

Although not a recent study, this study is important for all veterinarians to know about. If a person contacts me about their dog who is excessively licking surfaces other than their own body parts, it is likely that I will

Horse ear twitching shown to increase stress

At university I remember being taught that a nose twitch is a great way of subduing a horse for treatments such as stomach tubing. Also taught was the possibility of using an ear twitch or a skin pinch. They were